Healthcare Professionals

"If every physician advised every patient at every visit not to smoke, one million Americans could escape nicotine addiction each year."

Michael C. Fiore, MD, MPH, Director
Center for Tobacco Research and Intervention
University of Wisconsin Medical School
Frequently Asked Questions For health professionals
Getting Started in Quitting the Use of Tobacco Products A tip sheet for patients ready to quit using tobacco
Surgeon General’s Website Gives tobacco cessation information for clinicians
Preventive Benefits Watch Provides reimbursement information and the cessation benefits that different medical insurance companies provide

Fax Referral Form

Certificate of Enrollment

Fax to the NC Quitline for patients who are ready to make a quit attempt within the next 30 days.

The quitline cannot inform anyone of a caller's participation in quitline services due to confidentiality issues, however, the caller can request a Certificate of Enrollment to provide evidence of participation in an evidence-based cessation support program via the quitline. The certificate is then sent directly to the caller, not the provider.
(Note: To be eligible for the Certificate, the caller needs to enroll in the callback program)
Fax HIPAA Policy From Free & Clear outlines patient confidentiality guidelines for the 1-800-QUIT-NOW fax referral
NC Good Health Directory A comprehensive referral directory of statewide resources, including healthcare providers, programs, hospitals, and clinics to assist individuals to be physically active, eat healthy, and quit all tobacco use
Mental Health Patients Information about tobacco cessation for mental health patients and substance abuse patients

Quitting Medicines

Cessation Medication Pricing Chart Estimated prices as of September 2006
NC Medicaid Pharmacy Newsletter February 2006 Issue
New Tobacco Cessation Benefits for Medicaid Patients Effective July 20, 2005 OTC tobacco use cessation products (including the NRT patch and gum) are now on the covered benefit list for Medicaid patients.
Cessation Pharmacotherapy Guidelines As of December 2005
Pharmacotherapies for Smoking Cessation General information about pharmacotherapy (click here for more information on the lozenge)
Clinical Guidelines For prescribing pharmacotherapy for smoking cessation
Suggestions for Clinical Use Suggestions for use of pharmacotherapies for smoking cessation

Data and Studies

GASO Surveillance Update for 2006
The Health Consequences of Involuntary Exposure to Tobacco Smoke: A Report of the Surgeon General June 27, 2006
Elon University Poll finds support for N.C. smoking ban at 65 percent
BRFSS News Brief for 2005
BRFSS Data for 2004
Surgeon General's Report for 2004
North Carolina Adult Fact Sheets
Economic Effects of Environmental Tobacco Smoke
The Adult Incidence of Asthma and Respiratory Symptoms by Passive Smoking In Utero or in Childhood
Chronic Disease Notes and Reports The newsletter of the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. Reports on activities of interest to health professionals involved with the myriad aspects of disease prevention and health promotion
Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports (MMWR)
Tobacco Industry Political Influence and Tobacco Policy Making in New York 1983-1999

Patient Materials

Call 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669) for patient education materials.
Starting the Conversation Brochures on tobacco (English, Spanish, & Native American)
Order Form For the Starting the Conversation series
NC Good Health Directory A comprehensive referral directory of statewide resources, including healthcare providers, programs, hospitals, and clinics to assist individuals to be physically active, eat healthy, and quit all tobacco use
Quit Now NC! Cessation Flyer A printable handout with available cessation resources for patients for posting on bulletin boards or near telephones
Quitline Flyer A printable handout with the quitline telephone numbers and Quit Now NC! website information for posting on bulletin boards or near telephones
Health Benefits of Quitting A printable handout explaining health benefits that can be gained by quitting the use of tobacco
Resource Flyer A printable handout listing resources available to North Carolinians who are interested in quitting the use of tobacco
Tobacco Cessation Poster A printable poster with information about steps to take to increase chances of permanently quitting the use of tobacco
Money Saved by Quitting Flyer A printable handout showing the money that can be saved by no longer buying cigarettes
Tobacco Information and Prevention Source (TIPS)
NY DOH Tobacco Resources

Getting Started with Quit Now NC!

Implementing Quit Now NC! in your county
12-Month Media Promotion Plan
Clinical Practice Guideline: Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence (book is available through QNNC! workshops); on-line information for clinicians is available at the Surgeon General’s website

QNNC! Cessation Policies and Programs for Employees in Worksites

Establishing Quality Cessation Systems in Healthcare Settings

Quitline Information

  • Description of NC and American Legacy Foundation quitlines and websites

Secondhand Smoke